Let's learn from Apple, Amazon, Google, and other mass customizing industries.  First, we ask, "How do they do that?" And second, "How can we do that for learners?" One layer below the experience of having products and services customized for us lies the answers to the “How Questions?” of Mass Customized Learning.  It's called cross-industry learning....and stealing.

iTunes allows me to choose a single song from an inventory of 6+ million, download that song to my Bose assisted computer in less than 60 seconds, and be listening to my new favorite tune.  GEE, how do they do that!  Might our learners be able to download learning activities much like that? 

Verizon sends me my monthly bill.  Gosh, they know who I called, who called me, when I called, how long I talked . . . and I have a sneaking suspicion they know what I said.  GEE, how do they do that?  Might our learners and the learning system create electronic learning portfolios much like that?

In short, the customizing technology to create a Mass Customized Learning Community is already available and has been proven to work very effectively.  We, you and I, are experiencing it daily.  So, we can start now . . . and does anyone doubt that in five years technology will have advanced far beyond its present capacity.

There are many good books that help us to understand “how do they do that?”  Check out the Inevitable resource list.

You will learn the “how” of MCL throughout the book, and chapter 7 gives you a good start.

Read Inevitable, chapter 7, Lori Does Her Learning Plan/Schedule.